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If you regularly encounter legal issues at work, and you want to better understand the complexities of the law and “think like a lawyer,” the V-Legal certificate will help you gain that fluency. Constructed by legal experts at Vanderbilt Law School, V-Legal helps you become grounded in legal principles, language, and processes. You will gain skills that may have an immediate impact on your job performance and career advancement. 

  • Discover how to confidently work with lawyers 
  • Understand legal risk in the business environment 
  • Become a sophisticated consumer of legal advice 
  • Synthesize legal issues at work and in the news 
  • Gain a basic understanding of U.S. law, legal structures, legal research, and more 
  • Learn from experts at Vanderbilt – a Top 20 law school 

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V-Legal Executive Certificate — Increase your knowledge of the law.

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For over 40 years, CLS has provided students with flexible and effective legal education through a variety of formats catered to your busy life. All formats and designed and updated to remain on pace with the current industry and taught by working professionals. The V-Legal Executive Certificate is offered 100% online, in a self-paced format, so you can complete your coursework around your schedule. 

Our completely self-paced virtual classroom format allows busy students to learn anytime, in the comfort of your own home or office.

The easy to use and interactive platform offers 24/7 course access. Review the material as many times as necessary for full retention of the information and complete at your own schedule​​.

  • You don’t need to wait for a session to start!
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    • CLS provides ongoing administrative and technical support for all students.

Review the V-Legal Executive Certificate Syllabus to learn more.

Course details

Learning outcomes

Divided into three course modules (The Architecture of American Law, The Language of the Law, and The Content of American Law), this certificate course will cover the basic structure of the legal system and legal reasoning, and introduce you to important business topics such as contracts, discovery, attorney-client privilege, and property. The certificate will cover the basic structure of the legal system and legal reasoning, and introduce you to important business topics, including Contracts, Discovery, Attorney-Client Privilege, and Property. Read the V-Legal Q&A with Professor Serkin

Frequently asked questions

Do I need a High School Diploma or GED to take CLS courses?

CLS courses are designed for adult students and are taught on a college level. Minimum requirements to take any of our courses are a high school diploma or GED, and to be 18 years of age prior to enrollment.

Can I get financial aid?

Traditional financial aid (Pell grants, Stafford Loans, etc.) usually do not apply to these courses due to their continuing education status. Please view our Payment Options information to explore possible options.

Is the Paralegal Certificate Course© offered by The Center for Legal Studies approved by the American Bar Association?

No. In our opinion, there is no need to seek the approval of the American Bar Association (“ABA”) for any paralegal course of study. Our opinion is apparently shared by the vast majority of paralegal programs, since most paralegal programs are not ABA-approved. The ABA is a voluntary association of lawyers and, recognizing this, only about half of all practicing lawyers are members of the ABA. Not even all law schools have sought ABA approval. In our three decades of experience in training and educating paralegals, we have never had one of our graduates contact us and tell us that he or she was not interviewed or employed as a paralegal by a lawyer or law firm because he or she graduated from our course rather than an ABA-approved course. Our course is sponsored by well-known academic institutions, which are held in high national esteem. So most students actually prefer a Paralegal Certificate from a nationally known and respected school like the University of Arizona or Auburn University rather than from a private, proprietary “Paralegal Institute” which may have paid a large sum of money to receive ABA approval. We have found that our lack of ABA approval has not impacted the job opportunities of our graduates.

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I had a great experience with CLS. Well-organized content, accessible instructors, engaging coursework. Overall a great experience.

— Adam S.

CLS allowed me to get my certificate from the comfort of my own home and I loved that I could choose which main university the certificate would be coming from as well. Thank you for the positive experience!

— Anna I.

I was very impressed with the course content, knowledge and availability of the professor and pace of the course. Definitely recommend CLS!

— Jodi B.

The feedback from the online instructors and the CLS administrative staff was excellent! This was one of the most important factors for me since it is an online program. The online element of the CLS program is convenient, efficient and, to an certain extent, personalized to fit anyone’s particular needs.

— Josh M.

I enjoyed the CLS program because it was flexible, practical, and educational. All objectives were clearly laid out each week and I learned so much from all the reading and assignments. You work hard for your grades and it definitely pays off.

— Melanie R.

The online courses are great and convenient. They are perfect for someone working part or full-time.

— Brian H.

View our “Why V-Legal” Video

What you’ll learn:
  • About the coursework
  • Learning outcomes
  • Answers to frequently asked questions