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Unsolicited testimonials about CLS


These are just a few of the unsolicited comments from past graduates and employers of graduates of the Paralegal Certificate Course© offered by The Center for Legal Studies.

Bud Kirk, Lawyer | The Law Offices of Bud Kirk, Esq.
“"I have been practicing law for 20 years and I formerly interviewed paralegal graduates from all local schools, including the two-year community college course and the UTEP Paralegal Certificate Course offered in conjunction with The Center for Legal Studies. Because of the superior training provided by the intensive weekend UTEP Paralegal Course, I now only interview and hire graduates of this paralegal course at UTEP."”
William Thoms, Esq., Professor Emeritus | University of North Dakota School of Law
“"In my private law practice, I exclusively interview and hire graduates of the Paralegal Certificate Course offered by The Center for Legal Studies since I know that these paralegals have been effectively trained in legal document preparation, legal research, and legal writing."”
Lisa Caine, Student | Mesquite, Texas
“"I think I can speak for most mothers in that it is very difficult to attend school at night when you have the responsibility of children and a job. This course offered weekend days for a six-week period was very conducive to my situation."”
David Cerullo, Student | Salt Lake City, UT
“"The knowledge and skills gained in the class have made it possible for me to enjoy almost immediate success in the field of law. I highly recommend the Paralegal Certificate Course to anyone."”
Maria Nakagiri, Student | Van Nuys, CA
“"A truly invaluable course for anyone who desires a career in the legal field."”
Yvonne Riggs, Teacher | Halfway, OR
“"Your class has given me the confidence to file for Justice of the Peace. It has given me a very good background in how the court system works and I am already putting it to good use."”
John Francis, Esq., Lawyer | Law Office of John Francis, Esq.
“"Not only have I taught the Paralegal Certificate Course at George Mason University, but I have also hired graduates for my personal law practice. One very knowledgeable, enthusiastic student created a deposition of over 400 questions for a client of my office in a wrongful death suit that I strongly feel will contribute to the success of the case. This student is extremely professional in court and was able to build upon the principles she was taught in the classroom very quickly. Would I hire another graduate from the Paralegal Certificate Course? Certainly!"”
Nina Ivanichvili, Paralegal | Denver, CO
“"It is hard to imagine another educational program which would help develop useful skills such as legal research and document drafting in such a short period of time."”
Misty Butler, Student | Denver, CO
“"I think Scott and Lisa are wonderful! I am making $42,000 in my Paralegal job and I have this program to thank for it."”
Lauren Jones, Student | Evansville, IN
“"I have thoroughly enjoyed this video course. Scott Hatch is a great teacher. He knows how to explain things well and in an appropriate manner."”
Kathleen Farino , Former Student | Coram, NY
“I am very glad I took this course [Advanced Legal Research]. It has helped me already in researching other issues. Very helpful and informative. ”
David Handley , Former Paralegal Student | San Francisco, CA
“The [Bankruptcy Law] course gave me a well-rounded view of bankruptcy. The background I now have will certainly help me should I desire to work in bankruptcy law in the future. I [also] found criminal law fascinating. I not only enjoyed it on a personal level, the course also gave me a base of knowledge that might aid me in finding employment in criminal law. Like all of the CLS courses, the format was intuitive and easy to navigate through. ”
Alexiss Harris , Former Student | Clermont, FL
“I found the online format very user friendly and easily accessible. I would take on online course again in the future based off of my experience with this course. ”
Jeanie Ledford , Former Student | Columbia, TN
“I have truly enjoyed my first web class. My instructor made contact with myself and my fellow students first and was very active in the entire course. I have learned so much that is already assisting me in my job performance and I already know will assist me more in the future. I will continue to educate myself through web classes. As I stated, my first experience was a wonderful one. Thank you ”
Sarah Breier-Mackie , Former Legal Nurse Student | Columbia, MO
“The [LegalNurse Consultant Training] course content and they way that the lessons were written were both excellent. Very informative, very thought-provoking and totally pertinent. The text was good. I really gained a lot from the detailed explanations and thought it flowed very well. This was a very intense course all things considered. The reading was heavy and the assignments and exams all took a lot of time and deliberation......but that is not a bad thing. In fact, I really enjoyed the challenge of the work and the intensity of the course. The best thing about this course is the way it endorsed the professionalism of nursing and legal nurse consulting. This really validates what it means for me to be a professional nurse - and not just a physician’s hand maiden. I have every intention of taking the board exam in 2007 once I have gained more experience in the field.”
Fatima Dames , Former Paralegal Student | Brooklyn, NY
“As a long time "traditional student", I was really skeptical at first about this online stuff. After taking this course, I learned more than I ever learned in the traditional setting. I really learned a lot! ”
Brenda Davila , Former Student | Miami, FL
“[My instructor] was always available to answer questions, was very quick in responding to emails and gave personal insight throughout the course”
Stephanie Crosby , Former Student | Santa Fe, NM
“Not knowing exactly what to expect; I found myself learning an incredible amount of a variety of lessons, which was amazing. I did not realize the amount of work that is required of the Paralegal. I have a whole new understanding and appreciation of what it takes to acquire such a position.”
Karin Ritzman , Former Student | Alexandria, VA
“I had no idea learning to be a paralegal was so involved! My first thoughts were, "I thought I was learning to be a paralegal, not a lawyer!" : ) I formed a whole new appreciation for this vocation! Although, I found it hard and expect it to be even "harder," I have to confess to enjoying this course. All the material was very interesting and well-presented. ”
Belinda Storry, Former Student | Austell, GA
“I have really learned a great deal in a very short time I really feel like I'm going to be ready for my new start in life with what I have learned from this course!! ”
Florence Miller , Former Paralegal Student | Carmel, CA
“My intent was/is not to become a Paralegal, but to gain a better understanding of: the law in general, technical language of the law, legal forms, and obtain a clearer understanding of the varying aspects of law as it applies to my position responsibilities. Overall, this course has satisfied that intent. ”
Shelly Hernandez , Former Paralegal Student |
“I have 17 years experience as a legal secretary and know (I thought) a lot of paralegal information - but this course is packed with information. I've learned and stressed over the last six weeks MUCH MORE than I thought I would or could. ”
Dena Sims , Former Student | Augusta, GA
“I really enjoy taking classes online. It is so much easier for me than having to go to a school. ”
Martin O’Cull , Former Paralegal Student | Washington Court House, OH
“The course was excellent and exceeded my expectations. I didn't know what to expect with a course that packs so much information into 14 weeks, but the organization of the course somehow allowed for it to happen. ”
Maria Zamora , Former Student | Miami, FL
“I have acquired so much knowledge of the law, how to read citations, and to be involved in a legal research; thanks again the instructors for all their help.”
Candace Dineley , Former Paralegal Student | Madison, GA
“I learned how to thoroughly research a client's case. In the past, I thought my personal opinion was enough to go by but brother was I ever wrong. The law is awesome and this course taught me how to apply the law to the facts and how to FIND THE LAW. ”
Daniel McAdam , Former Paralegal Student | Herndon, VA
“I've never met a better online instructor, and my friends have never heard of a better online instructor. In fact, I probably don't even need to qualify this statement. [My instructor] is excellent - knowledgeable, encouraging, and very quick to respond. I personally know individuals who have paid thousands of dollars more than I did for an online course, and who had nowhere as near a positive experience as I did. ”
Cynthia Lorente , Former Paralegal Student | Sunnyvale, CA
“I found the course to be comprehensive and informative. When I am finished, I feel that I can go to work in this field. At least I won't be lost all the time. ”
Amy Mills , Former Paralegal Student | Redding, CA
“The course was exactly what I expected it to be, only more. I learned so many things and now have knowledge to be able to work in a law office and actually know what I am talking about. I liked the online format it was extremely convenient to say the least, and there was always my instructor and or other students in the class to help me out if I had any questions. We all seemed to pull together as a group to help each other, I liked that a lot, and who could have asked for a better setting right in the comfort of your own home or office. ”
Brandie Luther , Former Paralegal Student | Savannah, GA
“This is a great course for someone wanting to become a paralegal. I have tried courses offered at local colleges and I know I will walk away with much more knowledge of how to handle a paralegal job than spending hours and semesters at the local classes. The course is intense but well worth the stress at the end. ”
Selviana Bates , Former Paralegal Student | Alexandria, VA
“The course was very intense, but I believe it taught me how to prepare for unexpected things in the reality. This course has taught us how to prepare and handle the unexpected things in the office. By doing the reading, writing and researching in this course in such a short period of time, it makes me realize that I could actually manage to do that on top of my full time job. The online course is always the best option for people who work full-time or do not have time to go to classes. As long as you are discipline and manage your time well, you'll be able to see the advantages of taking this course. This course is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED to everyone!!! ”
Cynthia Jones , Former Paralegal Student | Binghamton, NY
“I wasn't sure I would be comfortable with an online course, as this was my first one and I had been out of school for MANY years, but I found it to be quite easy to adapt to and relatively seamless in execution. ”
Christine Devoe , Former Paralegal Student | East Northport, NY
“Was very pleasantly surprised as to the guidance given by the instructor. This is my first online course and I did not expect so much discussion to take place. ”
Pamela Smith , Former Paralegal Student | Murfreesboro, TN
“For my first internet class, I was very confident that I had back-up support and I was very impressed with the way this course was done to include students in class discussions. ”
Kenda Ross , Former Student | Utica, OH
“This course opened my thought to the many possibilities. Since I work in a law office, I now have the knowledge to use the office materials. The volumes of books are not as overwhelming as they were at the beginning of this course. ”
Elizabeth Rich , Former Legal Nurse Student | Escondido, CA
“I would recommend this course to other nurses. I found the course informative and learned more than I thought I would since I have taught Legal and Ethics within a Nursing Program. ”
Lynne Mantz , Former Legal Nurse Student | Lodi, CA
“Even though I have been doing legal nurse consulting part-time for a number of years, I found this course to be extremely beneficial. While the course validated that I was on track with my medical record review, I learned new ways of preparing and submitting my reports and am anxious to put these into practice. Because I enjoy writing and like everything to be grammatically correct, I was very impressed to see a lengthy, detailed syllabus on Legal Writing. It had been years since I had studied or thought about the parts of a sentence. Thanks for the refresher course! I liked the organization of the class. While the court and judicial system and the levels of government aren't as interesting to me and I found the 1st test to be the hardest, I liked that the class took us from the "beginning (the judicial system, types of law, LNC and legal ethics, etc) to the "end" (areas of practice and how to set up and market your business). This format made the class very complete. Based on my previous knowledge and experience, this class is an essential that provides the necessary education to enable a nurse to become an LNC. Good job! ”
Barbara Johnson , Former Legal Secretary Student | Washington, DC
“This course answered many of my questions in relation to the work in a legal environment. Most often in my work I put out fires so I never learn the process and procedures. I feel like I can be a contributor and not just an action figure. I have drafted pleadings since I started this on-line course so I feel less like a courier. ”
Jaclyn Dyrholm , Former Legal Secretary Student | Warrenton, VA
“[My instructors] were very dedicated to this course, which made the experience even better than I expected. Taking an online course can be cumbersome and isolating, but they were wonderful in keeping up with our progress and keeping us engaged in the course. ”
Rosemary Wilkerson , Former Paralegal Student | Silver Spring, MD
“I'm impressed with the way our Profs handle this course and no matter how hard the exercises and tests are, I always look forward to receiving their feedbacks. I know that they're handling lots of students per semester and with all the paper works flooding them, I'm really pleased with the personalized instructions that are always provided to boost our spirit and help us survive.:> The course is EXCELLENT... it really delivers! I've been through schooling for a total of 16 years (elementary to graduate studies) and I realized this is really what I wanted. It always gives me this feeling of SO MUCH KNOWLEDGE TO ABSORB, SO LITTLE TIME... If only my life had been "normal" (read: full-time student), Paralegal Studies would be my best experience. The course itself goes straight to the point and teaches one as many as possible the tools of the trade in the real world. :> ”
Judy Raze , Former Paralegal Student | Manassas, VA
“The instructor obviously knew the subject extremely well and was very helpful in explaining some of the more subtle nuances of the law (for example, hearsay - a very difficult subject at best). In addition, the instructor continued throughout the course to give encouragement, even when we whined the most. Overall, I would rate the instructor as excellent (as well as very patient!). My greatest compliment about the course is that it gave me a greater love and understanding for the law. The eyes of my heart have been opened! ”
Rose Fant , Former Paralegal Student | Morriston, FL
“Instructor is prompt with returning evaluation. She is also very motivating and courteous. If I were to receive a low performance grade from her, I would know that she has made every effort to assist me in scoring a higher mark. This is my first online course and was concerned about the nature of such course being impersonal. This is not the case with this instructor. I am comfortable with this class! ”
Vicky Williams , Former Paralegal Student | Acton, CA
“I really like the fact that I could work at my own pace. I also liked the fact that the information I learned was very helpful in my current job. The books are great and I will keep them to assist me in my current job activities. ”
Subodh Phadke , Former Paralegal Student | Cupertino, CA
“Rigorous course covering every angle to make you a successful Paralegal, I will definitely recommend this course to my friends. The Assignments and Tests are so well designed that by the time you finish you realize that you have learned so many difficult Paralegal procedures with such ease. The Assignments also builds your hunger to read more which I developed while going through this course. ”
Shanta Wilbur , Former Paralegal Student | Oakland, CA
“I learned things, i.e. American Justice System, ethics, learning how to draft memorandums and so much more. This course gives me knowledge that will help me advance in my current position and with my personal life. The class format works great for me. I'm a single mother that works full-time and my time is very limited. The online format allows me to work in the comfort of my own home, and learn the information that one would learn in a classroom setting. This course excellent and so is the teacher. ”
Gwen Kleepsie , Former Paralegal Student | Rugby, ND
“The course has been enlightening. I now have a new respect to the details of the legal profession. The course seems to me to be very thorough and I am going away with a good feeling that I can start building my legal knowledge of courts. ”
Suzanne Tulino , Former Paralegal Student | Myrtle Beach, SC
“I have never learned so much from one course in my entire educational history. I learned far more by writing and participation (Bulletin Board exercises) than in traditional college (lecture type) class. ”
Judy Sarenana , Former Paralegal Student | Woodland Hills, CA
“Just like the course states in beginning "very intense" which it is. I have learned a lot in such a short period of time. I love the way the course is actually put together. As fast-paced this course is and the amount of learning in such a short period of time - it all seems to come together at the end. Somehow, someway, I am truly retaining what is being taught. It's amazing! Thank you for your talents and time of putting this all together. ”
Kimberly Emelyantsev , Former Paralegal Student | Tooele, UT
“I want to practice law. Because I got a taste of the different parts of law, I've narrowed my choice to alternative dispute and mediation law. I would not know where to begin if it wasn't for this Paralegal course.”
Donna Heup , Former Paralegal Student | Milton, FL
“I had not one whit of a problem accessing the WebCT database, nor any time accessing the CLS website. The interaction available between students and instructor was beyond expectations, and the format made for easy learning. I strongly recommend the WebCT format! ”
Victoria Etterer , Former Paralegal Student | Pueblo, CO
“I have an Associates of Science degree in Paralegal Studies from 1991. This class not only updated my training, but it filled in many "holes" that my first coursework never covered. ”
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