October 29, 2015

More Than Just an Assistant: Paralegal Work can Change Lives | The Center For Legal Studies

The news about the paralegal profession always focuses on the optimistic career outlook and the projected hiring percentage. While there is nothing wrong with the reports about positive employment opportunities, it is much better to discuss and understand how paralegal work can change lives. This is because people sometimes forget or put a little thought …

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October 22, 2015

Ethics and E-discovery: Rules of Conduct to Remember

There is no doubt that technology has dramatically changed the practice of law. The advent of e-discovery alone allowed for greater efficiency when it comes to the management of documents in the law office. Aside from the fact that electronic files eliminated the need for extra storage space, they also now allow for easier collection …

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October 15, 2015

ACT and SAT Tests: Preparing Yourself for College

So you’re ready for a course after high school. Before setting sights on your future college or university, however, you need to take an ACT or SAT assessment. These tests help higher education institutions identify the intellectual abilities of their applicants. Colleges and universities accept either or both ACT and SAT, so it’s up to …

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October 8, 2015

The Legal Industry by 2020: What Trends are Reshaping the Sector | The Center For Legal Studies

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Several reports indicate that joining the legal profession is a lucrative move. While it’s rewarding both financially and personally, however, pursuing a career as a paralegal can be stressful and daunting due to many changes seen in the sector. A number of trends have emerged, which all aim to help law professionals become more productive, …

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October 1, 2015

Your Road Map to Choosing a Paralegal Program | The Center for Legal Studies

While becoming a paralegal is a good and practical career choice, it is important that you choose a specific program that suits your capabilities. Specialization in a certain area will provide you with an edge once you enter the field. Choosing a paralegal program requires you to look into a wide scale of factors. Primarily, …

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