February 19, 2016

Online Paralegal Certification vs. Traditional School: What You Need to Know

Deciding between getting your paralegal certificate online or at a local school can be a little difficult. There are benefits and drawbacks to both approaches, so read on to find out what they are. For your education as a paralegal, you have options, and two of the most popular ones are enrolling in a college …

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February 17, 2016

Being a Mediator: Helping People Resolve Disputes Without Coming to Blows

Lawyers present disputing parties with a more civilized way of exchanging blows. With the use of laws and loopholes, both sides try to outdo each other until one has exhausted all resources and surrenders. This kind of pragmatism is present in all legal proceedings everywhere, and though it’s hostile, it’s normal within legal circles. There …

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February 9, 2016

Two Big Things You Need to Know Before Getting Your Paralegal Certificate

Getting a paralegal certificate will involve hard work and some time and money on your part. Before you go down this road, here’s what you need to know first. Becoming a paralegal is an important personal step that is the start of a new career. Whether you’re planning on trying a local school or opting …

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February 5, 2016

Community-Based Legal Assistance: Alternative Careers for Paralegals

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People with paralegal degrees usually eye for careers in law firms or government agencies. Many also aspire to become corporate paralegals. Although they could get valuable experiences and develop a multitude of skills in these sectors, paralegal graduates should also know that the community needs them. Stepping into NGO territory is a risky business, especially …

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