June 30, 2016

Career Guide for Future Paralegals in Colorado

Every student who is taking up a Paralegal Certificate Course dreams of landing a job and, eventually, a successful career. The Center for Legal Studies provides the right programs and resources, and partners with colleges and universities nationwide to help the students after completing the course. To become a successful paralegal in Colorado, you must …

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June 14, 2016

The Hell That is the First Year of Law School

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Forget the stories and accept the hard truth about law school: it’s grueling. Even the most intelligent students have a 50/50 chance of lasting in law school, at best. But aside from being a realistic measure of life in law school, it’s also an encouraging fact that everyone is on level ground. So, no matter …

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June 1, 2016

What is in a Paralegal Degree?

We have encountered countless students who, despite exhibiting a passion for law, find difficulty choosing the career path to take. Becoming a lawyer tends to be the default option for many students despite having an alternative option that actually suits them better. Paralegals are the less-glamorized, unsung heroes of the judicial sector, and there’s a …

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