paralegal certificateOur paralegal certificate course can be completed in as little as six weeks for the live lecture format, fourteen weeks for the online format or up to a year for students taking the print-based format. We offer many different formats to accommodate student’s schedules. The live course is typically completed in as little as six weekends. Courses are usually offered Saturday’s and Sunday’s from 9am to 5pm for six weeks. We also have other schedules that are Saturdays only for twelve weeks or possibly Monday, Wednesday evening and Saturdays for six weeks. There’s also Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday type schedules.

You can search our course schedule online at to find a live lecture course offered in your area. The online course is fourteen weeks long and is completed in two seven week online sessions. There is a one week break between the sessions. We offer six online sessions every year and students can begin any course during any online session. Assignments are due once a week and students may log into the course at their convenience. Students who might need a little bit more flexibility would want to consider the print based format, which can be started at any time and students have one calendar year to complete the program.