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  • What are the System Requirements for my PC or Mac to take the online courses?

    Internet access and a word processing program (like that from OpenOffice) that can save your work in .doc, .docx or .rtf formats and you should have no problems.  All email will be handled on our Moodle Website. A processor speed of 1 GHz  or higher and 1 GB of ram will work fine. There will be a "Browser Tune-Up" tool available to you at the time of your initial student logon and any downloads required to update, acquire Java, or "tweak" your Internet Browser will be performed at this time. We highly recommend that you save all of your assignments to a storage device to retain them as a reference. All exercises and tests are submitted through our Moodle Website.
  • Who teaches for CLS?

    CLS uses only highly qualified law and test preparation instructors. Our courses are taught by attorneys, paralegals, and other legal professionals with years of legal experience.
  • Where is CLS headquarters?

    CLS is a World Wide Common Law Training Institute based in Dallas, TX and has educated hundreds of thousands of students since 1980 with the most affordable and flexible programs available!
  • What does CLS do?

    CLS by BARBRI is a legal education company focused on providing students with the most affordable and effective legal education possible. Our legal education courses are available to our students in Live Lecture (on-campus), Online, and Text-Only formats through over 180 colleges and universities nationwide to provide our students with the flexibility necessary to achieve their academic goals while continuing with their everyday lives.
  • What is the mailing address?

    CLS by BARBRI, 12222 Merit Drive, Ste. 1340, Dallas, TX 75251 USA.
  • How do I contact CLS?

    Call CLS Toll Free at 1-800-522-7737 M-F 8am-6pm US Central Time zone, or email [email protected]


  • How do I purchase course books and materials for the course? How do I know what books and materials are required and optional for the course?

    The course description and online store webpages will display the required and optional materials for each course and format.
  • Are books included in the tuition price for the Paralegal Certificate Course©?

    Books are not included in the tuition fee. Students will be required to purchase their course books prior to the course start date. Please visit our Online Store for a list of titles and prices of the required textbooks for each course, as well as recommended texts. You may also call the CLS office Monday thru Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Central time at 1-800-522-7737 for more information or to order books.  You are not required to purchase your textbooks from CLS, however, our prices are competitive with other book stores.


  • Do I need a High School Diploma or GED to take CLS courses?

    CLS courses are designed for adult students and are taught on a college level. Minimum requirement to take any of our courses is a high school diploma or GED and 18 years of age prior to enrollment.
  • Do I have to speak and read English?

    CLS comprehensively instructs students about the American system of justice which was inherited from the English and is used in common law legal systems worldwide including the U.S., England, Ireland, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, West Indies and Jamaica. As such, our courses, books, and materials are offered and updated in English.
  • Do I have to be a paralegal or law student to take CLS courses or buy course materials?

    No. Anyone can take CLS courses provided they have basic education. Please bear in mind that this is a college-level course and students are expected to perform accordingly.
  • In what formats are CLS courses available?

    All CLS classes are offered 100% online, with 24/7 course access available and instructor led starting every 8 weeks. Select courses are also available in Live Lecture (Zoom) or Text Only formats. The Paralegal Certificate Course© is now also available in an Self-Study format, allowing students to start at any time and complete the course at their own pace within 6 months.
  • Is the Paralegal Certificate Course© offered by CLS approved by the American Bar Association?

    No. In our opinion, there is no need to seek the approval of the American Bar Association (“ABA”) for any paralegal course of study. Our opinion is apparently shared by the vast majority of paralegal programs since most paralegal programs are not ABA approved. The ABA is a voluntary association of lawyers, and recognizing this, only about half of all practicing lawyers are members of the ABA. Not even all law schools have sought ABA approval. In our three decades of experience in training and educating paralegals, we have never had one of our graduates contact us and tell us that he or she was not interviewed, or employed as a paralegal by a lawyer or law firm because he or she graduated from our course as opposed to an ABA approved course. Our course is sponsored by well-known academic institutions, which are held in high national esteem, so most students actually prefer a Paralegal Certificate from a nationally known and respected school like the University of Arizona or Auburn University rather than a private, proprietary “Paralegal Institute” which may have paid a large sum of money to receive ABA approval. We have found that our lack of ABA approval has not impacted the job opportunities of our graduates.
  • How can the Paralegal Certificate Course© be designed for both students with law firm experience and those with no law firm experience?

    This course is designed with the knowledge that some students will have little or no law office experience, so we provide a strong foundation in areas such as legal terminology, research, document preparation, and ethics. A legal assistant may use a given word or perform a given task for years without an accurate understanding of its meaning or purpose. This course thoroughly and accurately prepares each student for paralegal employment, regardless of background.
  • What are the advantages to law firms that place employees in the Paralegal Certificate Course©?

    Legal secretaries, file clerks, and paralegals without formal paralegal training comprise a large percentage of the enrollment in this course. Law firms which encourage employees to take this course receive in return employees who are: 1) competent to perform paralegal duties, 2) able to bill their hours to clients at paralegal rates, and 3) more likely to remain with the firm. In addition to the increased efficiency gained by lawyers who employ paralegals, another major incentive exists for the use of paralegals: Federal and state case law is now holding that fees paid to paralegals may be assessed, and recovered at trial, under those circumstances where the recovery of attorneys’ fees is proper [see, e.g. Gill Savings v. International Supply, 759 S.W.2d 697, 703 Tex. App. - - Dallas 1988] Thus, properly trained paralegals provide major profit centers for attorneys.
  • What are the advantages of the Paralegal Certificate Course© to the prospective student?

    First: The course is of the highest quality. CLS by BARBRI works only with accredited schools. Colleges and universities offering our programs have all carefully reviewed the content of our courses, finding them suitable to be offered through their school. Second: The schedule flexibility of the Online and Text-Only formats is advantageous to many students. Taking our courses in the Online or independent study format will allow a student to schedule coursework around their own schedule. Third: the course is affordable to virtually any potential student. It is our view that a student is not well served if he or she must go deeply into debt to obtain Paralegal training.
  • Can the Paralegal Certificate Course© adequately prepare students to be competent paralegals?

    Yes. Thousands of students have successfully completed our course since 1980. Please note that the total number of class hours is comparable to almost all other paralegal programs offered by the significantly more expensive proprietary paralegal “institutes”. The structure and presentation of materials is designed for maximum efficiency of instruction. Students are expected to perform an average of fifteen hours of work on their course each week. This is in addition to any live lecture classroom time.
  • Can I get financial aid for the Paralegal Certificate Course©?

    Traditional financial aid (Pell grants, Stafford Loans, etc.) usually do not apply to these courses due to their continuing education status. Please view our Payment Options information to explore possible options.
  • Can I get college credit for this course?

    Students taking the course through Adams State University can receive six undergraduate upper division elective credits. Adams State University offers an A.A. or B.S.B.A. degree with an emphasis in Legal Studies. Credits earned at Adams State University may be transferred to another accredited university. The remaining colleges and universities offer the course through their Continuing Education or Extended Studies departments. As a Continuing Education course, the Paralegal Certificate Course© is not likely to transfer to another paralegal program, should the student wish to go to an alternative school.
  • Do I have to take the Paralegal Certificate Course© from a school in my state?

    No. Students may take the course through any school from which it is offered and will be properly trained and qualified to work in any state. For those who intend to work as a Paralegal in the state of California, please be advised: Due to the California Business and Professions Code §6450, you may also need to complete the Advanced Paralegal Certificate Course in order to qualify to work as a Paralegal in that state. Please visit CA Requirements to learn more. The same is true for all CLS courses: You are not required to take a course through a school in the state you are located.
  • Are there any course prerequisites?

    For most of our courses the only requirement is that you have completed high school (diploma or GED) or the equivalent in your country. Any additional requirements will be listed below the course description on the CLS website.
  • Do I have to be online at a specific time every day to take the online course?

    No. Students may login at their convenience but are required to submit tests and assignments by a specified date and time. Tests and assignments may be submitted prior to that specified date and time.
  • How soon after the course will I receive my certificate?

    Certificates of Completion are issued within 6 to 8 weeks after the course has ended.


  • I need help and don’t understand something in the web site or see errors.

    Please contact CLS at 1-877-289-6176 or use the web menu and reference "Help" topics. You may email us at [email protected]


  • To what type of law careers do your courses and programs help lead me?

    Please take a look at our "Courses" or "Careers" webpages! Learn Law For Life with CLS!


  • Are CLS online courses accessible 24/7, all the time?

    YES! Registered students may access CLS online courses any time in the comfort of your home or office 24/7 within the session dates.


  • Do you have a payment plan option?

    Yes! Affirm is a financing option method available to U.S. residents and territories, excluding Iowa and West Virginia. Using this payment method allows you to make easy monthly payments. Just select Affirm as your payment method on the ‘Buy Now’ screen and follow the instructions given. You must have a minimum balance of $995 and can use this service for tuition and books. For more details, please reach out to us at 1-800-522-7737.
  • Can I place an order C.O.D.?

    CLS by BARBRI does not accept C.O.D. orders.
  • If I return an item, will my shipping costs be refunded to me?

    If CLS by BARBRI cancels a course due to low enrollment, you will be reimbursed for your shipping costs along with the cost of the item being returned. If you choose to withdraw from a course, you may still return your items for a refund in compliance with our return policy, but shipping charges will not be refunded.
  • If my class is canceled, will I be able to return my books for a refund?

    If we cancel a course due to low enrollment, we will arrange for the return of your textbooks. You will not incur a fee for the return of the books and you will receive a refund for all books that are in new, perfect condition with no writing or marks of any kind. Shipping costs are also refunded, if we cancel a class due to low enrollment.
  • What if I want to return a book or other item?

    Textbooks may be returned within 30 days of the date of purchase. Shipping fees are non-refundable unless the return is due to a live lecture course being cancelled. Textbooks must be in new, perfect condition with no writing or marks of any kind. Textbooks that are no longer in print or are an outdated edition may not be returned for a credit. Items in shrink wrap are non-refundable once they have been opened. All items must be returned to: CLS by BARBRI, Distribution Center, 10650 Toebben Drive, Attn: Returns, Independence, KY 41051 USA. Please contact [email protected] to receive an itemized packing list with your return to ensure proper credit.
  • Does someone have to be home to accept the delivery of my books?

    UPS does not require a signature.  You may also have your books shipped to your work address if you prefer.
  • How far in advance should I order my books?

    Textbooks may be ordered any time prior to class. Books ordered during the week immediately prior to the first day of class may be subject to additional UPS shipping fees to ensure timely receipt.
  • Do I have to order my books from CLS?

    No, you may order your books from any book seller. However, CLS does provide all required and optional texts for all of our courses.
  • I am not sure about ordering this course or books online yet. What if I change my mind?

    We'll adjust your order and billing amount accordingly if you order the wrong course or format or course materials. We will answer any questions you have by phone or email 24/7 and have operators ready to help you during business hours. If you have any questions, special ordering instructions or shipping locations, please let us know! CALL 1-800-522-7737 OR email [email protected] to send us a message TODAY and LEARN LAW FOR LIFE!
  • Where is the CVV, CVC, or CID credit card security code located on my credit card?

    This is a separate 3 or 4 digit number on the card back or front depending on card type. For Visa, MasterCard, JCB, and Discover, the card security code (CVV, CVC, CID) is the last 3 digit number located on the back of your card on or above your signature line. For American Express and Diners Club, it is the 4 digits on the FRONT above the end of your card number. Your billing name and address must also match for the card.
  • How do I order WESTLAW?

    You may order WESTLAW online in our bookstore, or by phone at 1-800-522-7737. For online format students, Westlaw access is not required until the second half of the Paralegal Certificate Course. If an online student orders access at the time of registration, they will receive the Westlaw login info prior to the second seven-week session. For live lecture format students, Westlaw access will be utilized throughout the course. Please purchase Westlaw prior to the first day of class.
  • Do tax and shipping charges apply to online orders?

    Tax may be charged on printed books and shipping fees depending on the state where books will be delivered.  Tax does not apply to course tuition or Westlaw access.
  • Can I purchase/register for a course and purchase course books/text online?