It’s a great question. The reason is because we are educational partners with more than 160 college and universities nationwide. We operate through the College and University Continuing Education and Professional Studies Department. It’s very different than the academic side of the house.
The academic side of the house is where you go to earn an associate’s degree, a bachelor’s degree, master’s degree, all for-credit classes. But the continuing education and professional studies departments are specifically designed for adult students that are looking to continue their education, they’ve already earned a degree, or they don’t want one at this time. Or perhaps they’re looking to change jobs, and they need a new set of skills very quickly and in an affordable way, which is critical.

Our programs, through the continuing education and professional study departments, are open to just about anyone. You don’t need to be a registered student at the college or university. You’re able to take the training that we provide as a third party. We have the instructors, the curriculum, everything has been approved by that school, and when you earn your certificate upon completion, it’s issued by the school. So it bears their name, which is good for you, because you go out into the world with that university’s name on your resume, and a certificate that bears their brand; we feel that this representation, as well as the top-notch training you receive from CLS, is what truly sets us apart.