The same way you did in the other job, first of all you need to make sure you’re trained properly and when you walk in to apply for a job that you are presenting yourself as someone that an employer wants to hire. That means pretty simple things, you show up on time, you dress appropriately, you use proper vocabulary, you’ve got your resume in hand. Your resume displays the training that you’ve acquired that shows that you know how to do the job that they want to hire you for.

Prior to getting to that interview, how do you find the job that you want?

There are advertisements all over the internet. Most people tend to look at one or two job boards. The people that get jobs look at all of the job boards, that means Monster, Career Builder, Indeed, you look at Craigslist, it’s amazingly a good place to find smaller firms that are looking for, not only paralegal but other job titles, things like contract specialist, real estate assistant, administrative work, legal secretary, sometimes the word paralegal is synonymous with legal assistant. You need to conduct your searches as if you’re working a full-time job.