Online sessions begin August 19, 2024. ENROLL NOW! Call 1-800-522-7737, email [email protected] or click here to contact us.

Online sessions begin August 19, 2024. ENROLL NOW! Call 1-800-522-7737, email [email protected] or click here to contact us.

While all paralegals play a similar role in the legal system, the daily duties and work environments can vary greatly. There are several different fields of law, which means there are also different types of paralegals to support these areas. You may want to work in a hospital, government agency, or non-profit, and having an expertise can help you land your dream job and increase your salary.

How to decide what to specialize in:

Get your feet wet.

Starting your career as a general practice paralegal can give you a better understanding of the entirety of the field and help you make an informed decision about where you want to specialize. You can perfect your basic paralegal skills such as organization, knowledge of the law, writing, etc. before diving into a specific area of the law.

Know your strengths.

If there is a certain area of the law that interests you, you excel at, or truly enjoy – focus on those strengths. The more experience you have, the easier it may be to determine what your interests and strengths are.  Take an honest assessment of your skills, and work with your peers and superiors to identify where you excel. Utilize assessment tools such as Myers-Briggs or Golemans EQ Test to help you identify you strengths. Talk with your peers and superiors to determine where they see you shine.

Explore what interests you.

Was there a certain case or research project that got you more excited than others? The law affects every industry and business, and there are abundant opportunities to find a legal career that intersects with your interests. Nurses making a career change, for example, might leverage their healthcare experience as a nurse paralegal. Have you always wanted to work for a non-profit, or in real estate? There are opportunities to work in these settings as a paralegal!

Specializing in a certain area of law can lead to personal satisfaction. It allows you to become an expert in your field, enhances your career prospects, increases efficiency, helps build relationships, and provides personal satisfaction. If you haven’t already, consider exploring specialized areas of law.