You may think they’re just the lawyer’s support and shadow, but paralegals are more than those things. They can do a lot to lighten a lawyer’s load tremendously. They work from behind the scenes, but their efficiency is something clients won’t miss.

Being a paralegal involves a lot of hard work. For this reason, and several others, you will understand why their responsibilities go beyond being a lawyer’s support.

They Can Take Charge in the Absence of the Lawyer

While many don’t distinguish them from legal assistants, paralegals are different in a number of ways. They can specialize in any study of law, often depending on the lawyer they work for. They help attorneys in almost every facet of the job, taking charge during their absence at times.

A legal assistant’s tasks involve organizing documents and drafting them, while a paralegal’s may involve legal investigations, drafting motions, as well as interviewing clients. Depending on their employer, they can have more authority in the law office.

Paralegals are In-Demand

They are in-demand professionals because of the skills and training they’re equipped with. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, there will be an 8 percent employment growth for paralegals between 2014-2024.

More than 21,200 additional positions will require their services, as law firms are looking into increasing efficiency and reducing costs by hiring them.

You Can Become One

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