Bankruptcy Code, Rules and Forms, 2020 Edition

Thomson Reuters

NOTE: If you have access to the internet you do not have to purchase this book. Instead you may access online. Bankruptcy Code, Rules and Forms contains a compilation of bankruptcy law and related provisions from the United States Code Annotated, including Bankruptcy Code, Rules and Forms from Title 11, as well as related provisions from Titles 18 and 28. This compact, easy-to-use reference is portable for use in the office or the court. It also contains: Amendments to the Bankruptcy Code (Title 11) complete with Bankruptcy Highlights prepared by the Honorable William Houston Brown and Lawrence R. Ahern III; Recent amendments to the Bankruptcy Rules, Rules of Civil Procedure, and Federal Rules of Evidence; New statutory provisions and new and revised Official and Procedural Bankruptcy Forms with comments and instructions.
ISBN 9780314698629

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