Patty T.

I finished the Paralegal Certificate Course this month. The class was fantastic!!! I am so proud to have been a part of CLS! The admin staff and instructors were outstanding. They always provided assistance whenever I needed it. I would definitely recommend CLS for anyone who is looking for online course in the legal field. Thank you again CLS!

Linda O.

I totally recommend CLS. I took the paralegal class and it was very thorough, very challenging and incredibly supportive. It takes dedication and motivation to do an online class. It was the best experience I've had!

Jo Hannah P.

I took the Paralegal course and loved it! I graduated at the top of the class ... the instructor, Vicki, REALLY brought out the best in all of us! I highly recommend this class & CLS!

Lisa M.

Great option for working adults. So many different course options so little time.

Charles O.

The courses offered are streamlined and hands on applicable on the job in the relevant area of study in the paralegal field.

Sara C.

I completed the Paralegal Certificate program this fall. I had been working as a paralegal for a while but had no formal training or legal education. This was a very rigorous, informative course that will be invaluable in the rest of my career. I am looking forward to taking some of the advanced topics that coincide with my current area of practice.

Breanna G.

I thoroughly enjoyed taking the Advanced Paralegal course with CLS. The course was really challenging, but worth it in the end. I highly would HIGHLY recommend for anyone to take courses through CLS!!! Next month will be a year since I received my certificate.

Annette A.

I just enrolled as a student seeking a paralegal certificate! I would like to share with you why I chose CLS by Barbri. Over the last three weeks, I compared and contrasted CLS by Barbri with equally prestigious programs and schools within my state, and nationally. This is a big life decision for me so it was and is very important that I consider all aspects before committing the time and making an investment in my education. I spent hours researching paralegal schools in my state and nationally. I considered the following: two year programs offered by Community Colleges, two year programs offered at several different universities in state and out of state, schools approved by the Arizona Bar Association; and schools offering a mix of on-line and on-site instruction. I researched the core curriculum offered by each school, the level of instruction and assistance offered by each school; accessibility to technical assistance, credibility of the school that will award the certification; thoroughness of the courses required to complete the degree and/or certification offered by each school, the future job market for paralegals in my state and current job descriptions offered by various law firms and center’s in the state. In spite of my concentrated efforts, I wasn’t sure how my certification would be viewed by attorneys in the job market once I complete the course. I needed more information. I called several attorney friends and asked them what they look for in a paralegal and did they think it was imperative that the school of choice be approved by the bar association? I was told that while formal training and education is important, and while a nod from the association is viewed favorably, most attorneys are really looking for qualified candidates prepared for the job and candidates that have the ability to get the job done. After thoughtful review and consideration, and after extensive conversations with several attorneys, I am convinced the CLS by Barbri is an excellent choice and will prepare me for an exciting career. I’ll let you know how it goes…I’m eager to begin.

Jordan S.

I have thoroughly enjoyed my courses. The teachers have been great and very helpful. They are very prompt and easy to work with. All of the course material has been very in depth and useful. I am currently working part time as a paralegals assistant. Thank you CLS.

Jodi A.

Just completed the Paralegal course this week, and have already been hired by a law firm. It is an excellent and challenging online course. I learned so much and feel really prepared for my new career.

Joanna L.

I accepted a paralegal position that I did not interview for, the company felt I was better suited for this position. I started to panic so I called CLS and they allowed me to enroll 4 days late into the paralegal certificate class. I can't express how happy I am!!! I am now done with the class and completed it 2 weeks early and I have learned a tremendous amount of knowledge about the field I am currently working in. I feel more confident and secure in my position now. Worth every bit of money and time I put into this certificate!!! Thank you!

Kailee G.

Finished my class back in March with all A's and one B. I thought after graduating from SHSU with a Criminal Justice degree I had a great grasp on the law but I was wrong. This class taught me so much more than I could have dreamed of when I started. It was stressful at times but I saw it through and couldn't be happier! Everyone I ever had to contact was always so nice and helpful. I would definitely recommend this program!

Serina E.

Such an amazing program and would recommend it to anyone with a busy schedule.

Ashley L.

CLS by Barbri has changed my life, I now have an amazing career and can support my kids comfortably!!! I would recommend this school to anyone looking for a certificate!!!!

Jessica L.

I loved taking paralegal courses thru CLS. The teacher was always available when I needed her either by phone or email. Definitely recommending to family and friends.

Roshell J.

I  recently received a promotion and I am working as a case assistant doing research and on the pro bono committee.  I will use your company for all my continuing education!

Sean O.

Because of this course, I have been hired at a firm to provide legal assistance/paralegal tasks with some great people!