Online sessions begin April 29, 2024. ENROLL NOW! Call 1-800-522-7737, email [email protected] or click here to contact us.

Online sessions begin April 29, 2024. ENROLL NOW! Call 1-800-522-7737, email [email protected] or click here to contact us.

human lawThe role of paralegals is always expanding to include all manner of skills to make the legal operations of a firm more efficient and effective. Most of these expansions concern technical aspects of the job, which includes the greater integration of technology in the firm’s daily operations. But, one of the most important contributions a paralegal can offer is through the human element of the business.

The Little Things

People – including lawyers – often get lost in the legalese and may completely forget that the point of their profession is to help people. Emotions often run high during a trial, and clients need to feel that the people representing them have their best interests in mind. This is where a paralegal can come in and reassure a client of that fact when the lawyer puts too much of their focus on the arguments of the case.

Paralegals don’t have to be shoulders to cry on, or the client’s best friend, to fulfill this part of their job, the smallest things can make a world of difference in keeping a client content. For example, keeping a client up to date on the progress of the case is a simple task that most lawyers neglect. Keeping clients in the loop makes them feel like an important piece of this significant event in their lives, instead of a spectator that’s helpless to decide their own fate.

Effective Paralegals

There have been multiple surveys regarding which kinds of customer support representatives people considered most effective. According to the results, people often consider representatives that kept them abreast on the progress of their cases more effective than the ones that managed to fulfill their requests. The most common response to the effective representatives was that they made clients feel like their complaint was important.

There will undoubtedly be some lawyers and paralegals who’ll fail to see the significance of making clients feel “important” during a trial. But, they’re the ones who fail to see that clients are important to the case. The human aspect of law is one of the most important considerations that paralegals should specialize in. If you want to get more information on the relations aspect of paralegal education, contact us today, or explore the rest of our website for our other courses.