V-Legal: Increase your knowledge of the law

If you regularly encounter legal issues at work, and you want to better understand the complexities of the law and “think like a lawyer,” the V-Legal certificate will help you gain that fluency.

Constructed by legal experts at Vanderbilt Law School, V-Legal helps you become grounded in legal principles, language, and processes. Divided into three course modules (The Architecture of American Law, The Language of the Law, and The Content of American Law), this certificate course will cover the basic structure of the legal system and legal reasoning, and introduce you to important business topics such as contracts, discovery, attorney-client privilege, and property.

You will gain skills that may have an immediate impact on your job performance and career advancement.

Applicable legal knowledge

  • Discover how to confidently work with lawyers
  • Understand legal risk in the business environment
  • Become a sophisticated consumer of legal advice
  • Synthesize legal issues at work and in the news
  • Gain a basic understanding of U.S. law, legal structures, legal research, and more
  • Learn from experts at Vanderbilt – a Top 20 law school
V-Legal Executive Certificate

Vanderbilt University, Nashville, TN

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