What does the legal investigation certification course look like?What is the Legal Investigation Certificate Course at CLS by Barbri? The Legal Investigation Certificate Course is a really good course. It talks about being a legal investigator. A legal investigator is somebody who, generally, works for a law firm, or they use legal investigators at the district attorney’s office or at the police department. Your job is to investigate your kind of case. If you’re in a criminal matter, you might go to the crime scene, you might talk to witnesses, interview people, find out what evidence there is, look at the evidence, determine if it needs to be further tested or if it needs to be turned over to the supervising attorney or the district attorney. Different things like that.

In a divorce case, you might be asked to do some surveillance work. You might be asked to go and interview witnesses if you’re doing a divorce, and your client has said, “Well I’d like for you to talk to my mother. She knows I’m a good mother and that I do what I’m supposed to do when I have my kids.” The legal investigator would go over there, talk to them, talk to the mother, and then they write a report and submit it to whoever is their supervisor.

The course here teaches you how to do that. It teaches you what are good investigated points, what would you do if you had this kind of a case, what would you look for. It teaches you how to find investigative points, what are the best things to look for, what kinds of things do paralegals handle, and you find that out just from going through the case. It’s a good course as far as gives you general knowledge about all different kinds of cases, not just one particular area of the law. Then you could find out if you wanted to be a legal investigator just from finding out about the course. Another thing is, when you’re done, you have a certificate that says, “I took a course in legal investigation,” so when you go and apply for a job, you could use that as one of your skill sets.