legal nurse consultant doWhat does a legal nurse consultant do? The scope of nurse consultant encompasses most of the activities of the full-scale law firm. The legal nurse consultant is usually a licensed registered nurse or physician’s assistant who performs a critical analysis of healthcare facts and issues, and their outcomes for the legal professional. The legal nurse consultant is qualified to assess adherence to standards of healthcare practice as it applies to nursing and other health professionals. Legal nurse consultants may participate in client interviews, help identify and organization pertinent medical records, prepare chronological timelines, research and identify standards of care, assist with damage calculations or possibly arrange for expert witnesses or testify at trial as an expert witness themselves.

If an LNC were working for a plaintiff’s law firm, they would focus on recognizing the full extent of the injuries the plaintiff incurred; whereas if the legal nurse consultant was working for the insurance company or the defense team they would want to try to diminish the extent of the injuries and the damages.

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