specialized law classesCLS by Barbri has several courses that focus on paralegal training. In addition to our advanced paralegal and paralegal certificate courses, we also have certificate programs on employment law, personal injury for paralegals, advanced legal research and writing, and software essentials for the law office.

Our employment law certificate course focuses on labor law in the US, discrimination policies, working conditions, unions and labor disputes. The personal injury for paralegal certificate course provides an in-depth review of tortes, negligence, liability and medical malpractice.

Our advanced legal research and writing certificate program teaches advanced and specialized approaches to utilizing legal resources online and in the law library. A significant amount of time is spent learning how to both effectively, and efficiently, use Westlaw as well as other online legal resources.

The software essentials for the law office certificate course enhances one’s skills and knowledge of commonly used computer technology and programs that you’ll find only in a law office, things like case management software or docket control software, or time tracking and billing software that is specific to working in a law firm or legal department.

You practice with hands-on exercises, and you actually get to download trial versions of commonly used programs today, including Abacus Law, CaseMap, TimeMap and TrialDirector.

Students also examine ethical issues which are raised when you use technology in a law office, and we present you with real life case scenarios to review and try if you can identify any ethical violations.