Join us for a FREE Paralegal Certificate Course© Informational Webinar on May 24! Click here to RSVP.

Join us for a FREE Paralegal Certificate Course© Informational Webinar on May 24! Click here to RSVP.

A gavel sits near a laptop and a pen and legal notebook

If you work for a law firm, whether as a lawyer, legal secretary or paralegal, you know that computers are cogs in your operation. There’s no way you can come back to doing it all on paper. The automation, easy access, and all-in-one record storage revolutionized the way law firms work. But you probably know best that legal professionals poured sweat and blood on studying laws, not if 16GB of RAM will make for a seamless experience.

Nonetheless, you or one of your staff should learn more than to turn a computer on and off. Law firms operate on a different level now than before, when it used to be all paper. Most importantly, you’ll avoid a pitfall of using software: not utilizing its full potential.

Learning What’s Necessary

Here at The Center of Legal Studies, we provide hands-on exercises to enhance proficiency in a number of legal-related software. Software such as PowerPoint, Clio, TrialDirector and more are vital to keeping a law firm functioning properly. You must know that these computer programs were built with a lawyer’s needs in mind. In addition, if your firm invested on five programs and you still can’t address some operational issues, you may not be using it fully.

None of these software may guarantee a win, but trial tech prepares you and your team better than just reading case studies. It’s the best kind of groundwork you can ask for as a legal professional, and nothing wins cases better than a well-rounded strategy.

Near-Complete Coverage

Our six-lesson curriculum will cover in-house functions such as timekeeping and billing, and litigation support and courthouse presentation. We are confident that you will approach your daily tasks and trials much better after taking our course.

We also provide multitudes of legal courses for engineers, nurses, and potential paralegals. Contact us today for more details.