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Paralegal Certificate Course©

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eDiscovery for Paralegals

Online: 7 weeks
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Legal Investigation Certificate Course

Online: 7 weeks
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I finished the Paralegal Certificate Course this month. The class was fantastic!!! I am so proud to have been a part of CLS! The admin staff and instructors were outstanding. They always provided assistance whenever I needed it. I would definitely recommend CLS for anyone who is looking for online course in the legal field. Thank you again CLS! Patty T.
I totally recommend CLS. I took the paralegal class and it was very thorough, very challenging and incredibly supportive. It takes dedication and motivation to do an online class. It was the best experience I've had! Linda O.
I took the Paralegal course and loved it! I graduated at the top of the class ... the instructor, Vicki, REALLY brought out the best in all of us! I highly recommend this class & CLS! Jo Hannah P.