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Train in the rewarding legal field of crime victim advocacy

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The right legal education

Law firms increasingly use computer technology and programs for managing documents and aiding in trial preparation. Legal professionals at all levels must be equipped with electronic database-management skills and be current on the latest law office software. Whether you currently work in or are interested in working in a law office, our dynamic Software Essentials for the Law Office Course will get you there. Successful graduates of this course will be awarded a Certificate of Completion from the college or university of their choice.

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Legal Support Courses Informational Webinar — This session was recorded on March 24, 2021 and may mention timely information. Our courses are open enrollment and start every 8 weeks.

Class format

Flexible software training for the law office

For over 40 years, CLS by BARBRI has provided students with flexible and effective legal education catered to busy professionals. All formats and designed and updated to remain on pace with the current industry and taught by working professionals. Software Essentials for the Law Office is offered 100% online, so you can complete your coursework around your schedule, while still benefiting from regular instructor and peer interaction.

Our asynchronous virtual classroom format allows busy students to learn anytime with an interactive platform that offers 24/7 access to course materials and video and printed tutorials.

Discussion forums and a built-in email tool allow for easy communication with your instructor and peers​​.  

Review the material as many times as necessary for full retention of the information and complete weekly assignments to help you stay on track​​.

  • New sessions start every 8 weeks
    • We offer 6 sessions per year
  • 24/7 course access
    • Once registered, your password and access information will be sent via email prior to the start of class
  • Student support
    • CLS by BARBRI provides ongoing administrative and technical support for all students.

Review the Online Victim Advocacy Certificate Course syllabus to learn more.

Highly Recommended Legal Resource:

  • WESTLAW legal research access. Please call 1-800-522-7737 for more information. Order online

This option is available to students who, because of location or schedule conflicts, are unable to take the course in other formats.  

Ideal for students who do not have access to a computer or the internet, the Text Only format is a printed version of the online course and requires only the printed lesson material sent to you along with your textbooks. 

  • Start Anytime 
    • Enroll today and you have a maximum of 12 months to complete the course. 
  • Completing Assignments 
    • Mail or email assignments to CLS by BARBRI for grading. 
  • Student Support 
    • Questions may be directed to the instructor via a toll-free number or via e\mail. 

Review the Text Only Victim Advocacy Certificate Course syllabus to learn more.

Highly Recommended Legal Resource:

  • WESTLAW legal research access. Please call 1-800-522-7737 for more information. Order online
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St. Cloud State University’s Center for Continuing Studies gives individuals the skills they need to ensure continued success in their fields. We provide short courses and career training courses. SCSU works with industry to design customized training to advance employees’ skills. We offer many courses taught by experienced professionals and are honored to partner with CLS by BARBRI.

Be more proficient, more marketable

Learning outcomes

Technology is essential to the modern practice of law, and is a measure of a legal professional’s proficiency. Get the right training in topics that include: computer operating systems and peripheral devices; time tracking and billing software; database, case management, and docket control software; litigation support software; electronic discovery; and trial presentation and graphics software. Hands-on exercises will prepare you to work with popular programs such as MS PowerPoint, Clio, and LexisNexis CaseMap & TimeMap, as well as understand the common functions and purposes of similar programs.

Career outlook

There is no shortage of need for skilled and educated law office professionals. That’s why it’s important for you to broaden your knowledge to stand apart. Increase your marketability and earning potential by learning the software skills today’s hiring firms are looking for in job candidates. Learn more.

88% of students agree their education from CLS by BARBRI makes them more appealing to job recruiters

Frequently asked questions

Do I need a High School Diploma or GED to take CLS courses?

CLS courses are designed for adult students and are taught on a college level. Minimum requirements to take any of our courses are a high school diploma or GED, and to be 18 years of age prior to enrollment.

Can I get financial aid?

Traditional financial aid (Pell grants, Stafford Loans, etc.) usually do not apply to these courses due to their continuing education status. Please view our Payment Options information to explore possible options.

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I had a great experience with CLS. Well-organized content, accessible instructors, engaging coursework. Overall a great experience.

— Adam S.

CLS allowed me to get my certificate from the comfort of my own home and I loved that I could choose which main university the certificate would be coming from as well. Thank you for the positive experience!

— Anna I.

I was very impressed with the course content, knowledge and availability of the professor and pace of the course. Definitely recommend CLS!

— Jodi B.

The feedback from the online instructors and the CLS administrative staff was excellent! This was one of the most important factors for me since it is an online program. The online element of the CLS program is convenient, efficient and, to an certain extent, personalized to fit anyone’s particular needs.

— Josh M.

I enjoyed the CLS program because it was flexible, practical, and educational. All objectives were clearly laid out each week and I learned so much from all the reading and assignments. You work hard for your grades and it definitely pays off.

— Melanie R.

The online courses are great and convenient. They are perfect for someone working part or full-time.

— Brian H.